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Think Social Provides:

  • Social Learning therapy for individuals and groups, from elementary school through adulthood.

  • Consultations with families

  • School Consultations

  • Teen Social Hangout Club

  • Adult Social/Support Groups


Think Social East Bay is a safe environment for children, teens, and adults to learn social learning concepts through direct instruction, reasoning, and practice. We practice social learning concepts and related social skills by participating in community outings. We think social in the bookstores, video stores, grocery stores, restaurants, parks etc. Much of the social concepts used are based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner (www.socialthinking.com), who has pioneered the way we teach social skills to people with social cognitive deficits. Michelle argues for an important and more effective model of Cognitive Behavior Therapy as an alternative to behaviorally based social skill “training” approaches. Social learning precedes the social skill!

Shelly Hansen has worked exclusively with children, teens, and adults with social learning deficits for over ten years and trained for three years under the guidance of Michelle Garcia Winner at her Social Thinking® Clinic in San Jose, Ca.

Teaching social learning concepts in and out of the therapy room! We explore and practice social concepts related to negotiating, compromising, prioritizing, planning and executing outings into the community.

Thinking about others, and then adjusting our behavior based on smart guesses about what others are thinking and feeling, are all related to social learning.

Social Learning and Adulthood

In adulthood, social learning challenges are ever present in college, the workplace and in social relationships. Society is geared toward independence in both social and organizational functioning, with little to no support for those who are unable to navigate independently. Consequently, adults with social cognitive deficits are often plagued with mental health issues like anxiety and depression, leading to problems maintaining a job and developing and sustaining relationships in and outside their families.

Shelly is a very talented therapist. She has a knack for developing creative lessons while relating well to the individuals with whom she is working. She truly understands the concepts of Social Thinking and applies them well.

Michelle Garcia Winner
Founder of Social Thinking®
Shelly is a very talented therapist. She has a knack fo View Full →

I've known Shelly a long time and she consistently impresses me with her ability to connect with families and clients. She goes above and beyond to support her clients, from forming appropriate therapeutic groups, to designing their individualized programs, to consulting with schools and other professionals on their behalf and much, much more. For families, it is often comforting knowing that Shelly is personally involved in all aspects of the program.

Randi Dodge
Director Social Thinking® Stevens Creek
I’ve known Shelly a long time and she consistentl View Full →

One of Shelly Hansen’s greatest strengths as a therapist is her ability to be flexible, allowing her to adapt to each student's unique needs. Her individualized approach, compassion and humor make her a dynamic therapist. Shelly’s past experience working at Michelle Garcia Winner’s clinic provides her with a well of knowledge and experience that she can now share with her clients and their families.

Stephanie Madrigal
Speech Pathologist at the Social Thinking® Center in San Jose, CA
Creator and co-author of Superflex, A Superhero Social-Thinking Curriculum
One of Shelly Hansen’s greatest strengths as a therapis View Full →

Shelly’s ability to blend the knowledge of social thinking with the art of teaching is a gift. She has it hands down!

Sue Day
Social Cognitive Specialist
Social Thinking® Stevens Creek
Shelly’s ability to blend the knowledge of social think View Full →