Professional Testimonials

    Shelly is a very talented therapist. She has a knack for developing creative lessons while relating well to the individuals with whom she is working. She truly understands the concepts of Social Thinking and applies them well.

    Michelle Garcia Winner
    Founder of Social Thinking®

    I've known Shelly a long time and she consistently impresses me with her ability to connect with families and clients. She goes above and beyond to support her clients, from forming appropriate therapeutic groups, to designing their individualized programs, to consulting with schools and other professionals on their behalf and much, much more. For families, it is often comforting knowing that Shelly is personally involved in all aspects of the program.

    Randi Dodge
    Director Social Thinking® Stevens Creek

    One of Shelly Hansen’s greatest strengths as a therapist is her ability to be flexible, allowing her to adapt to each student's unique needs. Her individualized approach, compassion and humor make her a dynamic therapist. Shelly’s past experience working at Michelle Garcia Winner’s clinic provides her with a well of knowledge and experience that she can now share with her clients and their families.

    Stephanie Madrigal
    Speech Pathologist at the Social Thinking® Center in San Jose, CA
    Creator and co-author of Superflex, A Superhero Social-Thinking Curriculum

    Shelly’s ability to blend the knowledge of social thinking with the art of teaching is a gift. She has it hands down!

    Sue Day
    Social Cognitive Specialist
    Social Thinking® Stevens Creek