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Summer Programs

Is your child clueless in social situations? Does he talk at length about topics that are of little interest to anyone else in the group? Does she keep teasing her brother even after he starts crying? Are you still setting up play dates for your pre-teen?

Participating in group activities can be daunting for children with social cognitive difficulties. Their challenges can be particularly acute during the summer months when so much time is set aside for fun activities with friends and family. Think Social East Bay’s 6-week summer program teaches children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 18 what’s required to enjoy spending time in groups.

Option 1: Social learning groups for K-12th graders: 1.5 hours, once a week. Monday-Friday


• Brainstorming ideas and coordinating progressively more challenging group outings like going to the park, the bookstore and the bowling alley

• Problem solving when things don’t go exactly as planned

• Using prior knowledge in a new context

• Initiating and participating in group activities

• Compromising and negotiating which game to play, which snack to eat and which video to watch

• Communicating effectively about topics everyone is interested in

• Prioritizing and estimating time with the aid of a posted schedule and a timer

Option II:

Perspective and Character analysis for K-12thgraders: 1.5 hours, once a week.


Understanding the perspective of others, and how they perceive you, is critical to experiencing successful interpersonal relationships. Join us this summer for a six week program focusing on

  • Thinking about others
  • Making smart guesses as to what others are thinking
  • Making smart guesses at to what others want
  • Making smart guesses as to what others intentions are
  • Predicting what will happen next

This six week summer program will not only focus on interpersonal skills through character analysis but also strengthen those reading comprehension muscles!