Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can benefit from a social learning therapy approach?

A. This program best fits the needs of students with average to above average cognition, and language. Many of our students are diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Non-verbal Learning Disorder, ADD, ADHD, PDD-NOS, and many of our students have NO formal diagnoses. However, when you observe these individuals across their day, whether it be a pre-school child, or a high school student, you find the individual having a difficult time navigating their social world. Please refer to our home page for further information.

Q. Is Think Social East Bay covered by insurance?

A. We do not bill for insurance; however, PPO plans generally reimburse for some portion of the program. You pay Think Social East Bay, and we provide an invoice that is coded for your insurance company.

Q. Do you mix boys and girls together?

A. We group our children by proximate age, perspective taking abilities, behaviors, and similar strengths and challenges. Boys and girls are typically mixed. We do offer all girl groups at the high school level.

Q. Can I watch a session?

A. In order to protect confidentiality for children and their parents, we typically do not allow visitors in our session.

Q. Who runs the therapy sessions?

A. Shelly Hansen MS, SLP, founder of Think Social East Bay, leads all therapy sessions with the help of Marsha Rose, who also leads Yoga for many of the groups.

Q. How do I know if my child is progressing?

A. In January we will provide a brief description of social learning concepts explored in your child’s social learning group, as well as 2-3 specific goals your child is working on. In mid-June we will provide a summary describing your child’s progress on his/her individual goals as well as recommendations. Additionally, your child’s therapist meets with the parents every week following the therapy session to discuss your child and offer suggestions as to how you can help your child at home and across his/her school day. Our goal is to keep you informed as well as trained in how to help your child apply social learning concepts and related social skills across environments and contexts.

Q. Will you talk to my child’s teachers?

A. A “release of information” will be provided to you at the beginning of the year. Once it is signed, we can contact anyone you specify who might want to share information with us.

Q. Are there students whose social needs cannot be met by Think Social East Bay?

A. Think Social East Bay provides social learning groups for students who are average to above average cognition and verbal language abilities. Students who demonstrate behaviors that are disruptive to the group process are not ready or appropriate for Think Social East Bay. However, some students are offered individual therapy. Talk to your therapist for information regarding individual therapy.

Q. What is your vacation/illness policy? Do we have to pay for missed sessions?

A. Think Social East Bay is closed for two weeks during the winter. We are also closed for major school holidays. Please refer to the calendar located on our home page for a schedule of closed days as well as all important dates to remember. We allow for two absences during the school year. Any absences after the two allowed absences will be billed at the regular rate.