Shelly’s enthusiasm and clarity impact her students’ social learning in a way that extends beyond the classroom and into the real social challenges of everyday life. We were so impressed with her that we enrolled both of our sons in her program.
M Lane

Shelly has both a solid background in social skills thinking and a strong intuitive, contemporary and compassionate way of teaching that has suited us for many years. Her groups have helped not just our son but our whole family including a ‘typical’ teenaged sibling. We recommend without hesitation checking out a group at Think Social EB.

When my son came to Think Social he had no understanding or desire to communicate with others. Shelly changed that by giving him the tools of communication. She also helped me understand how Autistic people think. I am now able to communicate, without the frustration, with my son.
Thanks Shelly; as you know my whole family loves you for how you taught Dan communication skills.

“Our son was struggling socially in school and in any setting that involved socializing with peers. He was an outcast, often picked on and singled out for being “different”. He constantly complained of stomach aches and headaches. He became very depressed and anxious and began to miss a lot of school. During the time Shelly Hansen worked with our son we found her to be compassionate, caring, while setting firm expectations for our son to gain success. Shelly worked with our son to gain mastery in peer social settings through one on one in-office sessions, and group sessions that involved “field trips” out into the community to practice skills. These combined exercises gave our son useful tools which helped ease his anxiety in social settings. He said he felt more comfortable reading the social queues of his peers and this went far to help him gain confidence in himself. He has even had conversations with his dad where he has said, “Dad, you don’t get it. You should see Shelly!”
A true child’s advocate, Shelly opened our eyes to specific needs our son had that we were not aware of and helped him to learn and better understand social aspects of interactions with others. We are eternally grateful!
Ruthie and Jon Levin

I also wanted to pass along the referral of Shelly Hansen for any kids you come into contact with who are on the high functioning autism spectrum. Shelly better understands and has more practical guidance than anyone we have ever hired. Our son has made more progress with her in several months than many years with others.

The very first time our family met with Shelly, we knew we had found someone who had a much more subtle and in-depth approach to helping kids with Asperger’s and other nonverbal language deficits than anything we’d encountered before. Meeting with her regularly and being in her social learning group has made a huge difference to our son. He has a much deeper understanding of what social interactions and conversations entail. And I have learned so much from her that I’ve become a keen observer myself, so that now I am more able to analyze problems I’ve observed with my son’s interactions and help him deal with them. A lot of the things my son learned from working with Shelly seem obvious once they’re pointed out, but having her break it down into more easily achievable goals has made all the difference. Shelly’s group and individual sessions helped my son zoom ahead with his social interactions and conversational skills. He is now a junior in college, and this year he is a news reporter for the school paper. He interviews professors, administrators, and walks up to students he has never met to ask their opinions, and he is handling these tasks admirably and with a degree of confidence that is truly impressive.